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July 2012

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The Good Life

Well, here we are again. This is my third Live Journal and hopefully this will be the last one I set up. Before, I had two accounts: one for my fiction writing (not fan fiction, if you're here for that then go away) and one for my various rants about an array of random shenanigans. Now, with this LJ, I hope to combine everything into one. I don't plan on reposting anything from my original blogs unless someone specifically asks me to. The fictional series I was working on is going through some major editing and my old posts (mostly relating to DBSK/k-pop) annoy me to no end….this is pretty much the reason why I'm starting anew!

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But isn't everything new nowadays? 2012, a supposed end to the world, but I am also a part of the class of 2012. Yes, I graduated high school about three weeks ago and it still hasn't quite hit me that I've graduated even though I've already been to my university's orientation. NYU, aren't I lucky? Besides graduating, I also got my first job relating to what I actually want to do in life: I'm working at a recording studio that also offers a practice space for bands out in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It's not much, but it's something, and I really like working there. In addition to that I'm also applying for a short internship at the infamous Sigma Sound! If I end up getting it, I'll be convinced that fairies exist. I suppose in the larger scheme of things I'm just another amoeba floating around in the deep ocean known as "the music industry." Now ain't that excitin? Also, because I have a job, I also have some pretty steady income and what would the summer be without endless trips to the mall?

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Recently I've been updating my rather dull wardrobe, replacing it with perhaps equally dull things for slightly older people. I welcome change, but not too quickly. My frequent trips to the mall are probably so frequent because I'll be in NYC starting this August. Gotta look good, right? Anyways, whether you're here to read about myself, k-pop, religion, life in the big city, the music business, or fictional worlds, I hope you enjoy yourself. If you're just stopping by, happy reading! I promise I'm not too incredibly boring. Signing off for now!

-Expired Milk

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